Weed Types II


An aside: My 5th grader was doing some type of research for school when he came across this web site. He asked me if maybe the weeds listed on this site would be good to research. I took a quick glance since I was in the midst of setting up a home water delivery to our new house we just moved into here in Las Vegas. It’s been am adventure making a move in the midst of the Covid 19m pandemic. But we did and here we are in Summerlin, one of the suburbs of Las Vegas. We’re still unpacking and exploring the area. Among the recommendations from our real estate agent was to set up water delivery from Tahoe Springs, a local company that offers both natural mountain spring water and regular drinking water that has been purified through an exhaustive seven-stage process that includes, not only reverse osmosis, active carbon filtration, macro and micro filtration, but also ozonization and ultra-violet light. According to their site the result is amazingly pure water with a lower mineral content. Honestly I don’t know if I could tell the difference so I was planning on ordering a 5 gallon container of each to start. 

I saw the headline of the page my son was showing me and saw Weed Types II and thought he found a site about different types of weeds one would find in the wild or perhaps a garden. So I asked, is this site helpful for your science project. He didn’t know so I suggest hed do a search for one of the weeds since this site didn’t have an pictures or expalnation of the type of weed plant. I finished up my bottled water order at Tahoe Springs and was about to look at my email when my son said, ” Mom, this Kali Spice (Dman) weed is a cool looking plant. I went over to see and realized this was not the type of weed that would be appropriate for a 5th grade science project. I was at a loss as to how much I should explain, but what the heck, this was a “weed” and for some it might a garden variety. Guess this will be our first talk about cannabis and all the different types of starin that are available. We defintely will NOT be growing some as part of his science project. Perhaps wild onion or garlic would be more appropriate.




Jack The Ripper (Subcool) Jacks Cleaner P1 X Space Queen
JackHammer (Motarebel) SuperJack X BlockHead
Jamaica (Hemcy) Lambsbread X [Skunk X Ruderalis]
Jamaican (Federation) Landraces; Jamaica X ??
Jamaican Pearl (Sensi) ?Marley’s Collie X Early Pearl?


Kali Spice (Dman) Kali Mist X Silver Spice
Kalichakra (Mandala) Crystal Queen X White Satin
Kanasuta (Canadian Seed Co.) Aurora Beaurealis X Cinderella 99
Kariba Surprise (African Seeds) Landraces; Zambezi River
Karpov (Blue Grass) Blue Hen X Blueberry
Kasparov (Blue Grass) Blue Kiev X Blueberry
Kerala Krush (Flying Dutchmen) South Indian, Kerala X Skunk #1


Love Potion 9 (Joker) Love Potion 5 X Northern Lights
Low P.T. (Reeferman) Oregon Purple Thai X LowRyder
Lowland Afghani (Reeferman) 2 Lowland Afghani strains
Lowrider (Joint Doctors) Northern Light #2 X William Wonder X unknown hybrid


M-39 (SSSC) Skunk #1 X Basic #5
M3 (Sunshine) [AK47 X Haze] X Hashplant
Mako Shark (Motarebel) Black Widow X Great White Shark


Nigerian (Afropips) Landraces, Nigeria
Nirvana Special (Nirvana) Jock Horror X Landraces; Mexico, Oaxaca
No Mercy Special (No Mercy) [Santa Maria X Maxican Haze] X Victory
North #1 (Hill Temple) Cinderella 99 X Blue Kiev


Orange Spice (Dman) Double G X White Widow
Orangina (Blue Grass) California Orange X Blue Bubblejuice
Orient Express (A.C.E.) Vietnam Black X Chinese; Yunnan


Passion Queen (??) Grapefruit X BC Grapefruit
Passion #1 (Dutch Passion) = Amstel Gold
Peak 19 (Sagarmatha) Stonehedge X Matanuska Tundra
Phnom Phen (Reeferman) Thai X Haze X Cambodian
Pine Tar Kush (Tom Hill) Pakistani IBL


Quick Mist Diesel (Reservoir) Kali Mist X Mighty Mite X Double Sour Diesel v2


Red Devil (Greenhouse) Afghani X Afghani Skunk
Red Haze (??) Neville’s Haze X Panama Red
Red Horse (Goodhouse) [Jack Herer X Top 44] X KGB


Sensitron (Almighty) Jack Herer X Sensi Star
Shagadellic (GN03) Indian Sativa X Skunk
Shaman (Dutch Passion) Purple #1 X Skunk
Shanti Devi (Tiki) Afghani X ??


Titan (Federation) Romulan X BC Big Bud
Titan’s Haze (Flying Dutchmen) Skunk #1 X Original Haze
Top 44 (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Skunk X ?Vicking?
Top Lady (HD Canadian) First Lady X Top 44
Toxic Blue (Motarebel) Blue Kronic X Killian


Ultimate Indoor (Capricorn) Northern Lights X Matanuska Thunder
Ultimate Peak (Capricorn) Peak 19 X Bubbleberry
Ultra Skunk (Dutch Passion) Swiss Skunk X Skunk


Valley Queen (No Mercy) Everest Queen X Silver Pearl
Very White (Celebrity) White Widow X Haze
Viper (Reeferman) Blackseed X Burmese
Voodoo (Dutch Passion) Thai X ??
Vortex (Subcool) Apollo 13 X Space Queen


Waldo (Apothecary) Pez X Purple Cherry
Warlock (Magus) [Skunk X Skunk] X Afghani
Warpberry (Patch Works) Texada Timewarp X Purple Pineberry
Wonder 99 (Reservoir) Cinderella 99 X William’s Wonder
Wonder Diesel (Reservoir) William’s Wonder X Sour Diesel
Wonder Haze (Reservoir) Silver Haze® X William’s Wonder



Yarkoum (Tiki) Landraces; Pakistan, Chitral Valley X “secret F1”
Yellow Brick Wall (Juan Moore) Afghani X Columbian Gold
Yumbolt (Sagarmatha) Landraces: Afghanistan X Landraces: Himalaya


Zagorsk (Canadian Seed Co.) Killer Queen X Sugar Klingon
Zamal (GN03) Landrace; La Reunion

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