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Obligatory “About Me” Page

I’m a twenty – something web geek living in Austin with my wife and two ornery cats.
During the day, I’m a web developer for a Texas lawyer specializing in social security disability insurance. It’s a great gig, learning about social security laws and the formalities that come with a legal enterprise. We actually help the disabled and assist them in applying and filing for a claim. And contrary to my friends, I actually enjoy the company of attorneys and paralegals! I am also doing lots of my co – workers’ blog. With all these information, there’s no need to be vague about my identity anymore. I’m really a princess if you know what I mean – spoiled and entitled. I might start acting out, princess style just to show you what I mean. If I want to go out in my princess dress up dresses, so be it. Who’s going to stop me, and how else could I ever attract my Prince Charming? Please explain that to me princesses lovers!

I’m a recent Apple convert, coding ColdFusion on a shiny MacBook at home and a Windows Vista machine at work.

I like spending time outdoors, walk and experimenting with photography. I take all kinds of pictures, and I’m trying to learn how to improve myself in order to create my own “book”.  I also like to create web sites for non-profit groups and artists.

I love to read. My library is huge, and now I’m also reading a lot of books on the ipad that, I think, is just the most amazing “toy” I have ever played with. The books on these ipads are interactive, and it makes reluctant people want to read more. I also love to watch movies. All types of movies.

One of the latest movies I have seen is “Into the Wild”. I was a little sceptical whether I would like this movie. I actually was pretty convinced that the main character, Christopher McCandless, was a complete idiot. But then, I realized that the Director of this movie, the great Sean Penn, did an amazing job, and presented the story as told in the book. At the end of the movie, I was still thinking that the main character was a complete idiot, but the movie didn’t finish as I expected, which means “devoured” by a grizzly in the middle of the middle of nowhere. Great movie.

Drop me a line at dave <at> lifelikeweeds <dot> com. This is my blog, and I like to share some information with whoever wants to read my thoughts.

The thing I enjoy the most is camping. I love to get out of the city as often as I can. I enjoy the evening air & seeing all of the stars. I love to sit around a campfire when it is cold outside. There is no better way to enjoy an evening than to lay under an open roofed tent & watch the stars with the person that you love.

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